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Kaminda sighed and shifted her grip on the stool she was carrying, holding her war axe tightly with her other hand. She knew this was a bad idea, but if it made Ket happy and sated her curiosity for at least a day, the Redguard would help the Dagi-Rhat Khajiit with her little project.

“Come on, come on!” Ket chirped as she scampered around and around Kaminda, darting forward a few paces and bouncing on the balls of her feet as her tail waved happily in the air. “Not to far now, I can see the plains! This is going to be so fun, Kaminda!! I really hope it works.”

Kaminda grinned as she watched the Khajiit hop around like a little kitten. “And I hope you don’t crack your skull open.”

Ket waved away the heavily armored Redguard’s concern with a flip of her hand. “It’ll be fine, trust me!”

“The last time you said that I had to fight my way through half a dungeon of Draugr just to find you again.”

The hybrid made a face. “It’s not my fault you activated that trap. I told you there was going to be a hole there, but nooo, you didn’t listen. Here, lets set it up here.”

Kaminda set the stool down and steadied it as Ket climb on top. The area they had picked as surrounded by spongy lichen and heather, soft enough that some fairly heavy impacts would be cushioned enough to avoid broken bones.

“You ready?” Ket asked with that wild grin on her face. Kaminda had to remind herself that even though Ket’s face was very similar to a human’s, the light fur and especially the sharp teeth gave away the Dagi-Rhat’s true race. “This has GOT to work. I'm so excited!”

Kaminda paused, and then pulled off her helmet. “Here, before you go acting like a fool, give me your hood and put this on. At least in this it will be easier to clean up if your head splits open like an egg.”

The Khajiit frowned. “But’s so hheeavvvyyy.” She wined, but still unclasped her thieves’ guild hood and released her light brown cat ears. She handed it down to her Redguard friend, accepting the steel helmet with her tongue sticking out. “You’re just jealous that you didn’t think of this before I did.

“Just wear the helmet, you crazy fur ball.”

With the helmet secured, Kaminda backed up a good thirty feet to watch her friend attempt her latest stunt. “Try not to send it this way!” The Redguard yelled, and Ket laughed, shooting a thumb up to her friend.

Ket sucked in a deep breath, and looked toward the ground, making sure her mouth was pointed straight at the plain. “Here I go!” Breaching the portion of her mind that held her dragon’s soul, Ket let out a Shout. “Fus...RO DAH!!”

Kaminda’s eyebrows shot up with Ket’s body as the Shout propelled the Khajiit up into the air with a yelp. Twenty, thirty, forty feet later, the momentum slowed, and stopped.

And what goes up, must come down.


There was a thud as Ket’s body hit the ground, and the Khajiit lay disturbingly still. Kaminda’s smile faded as the seconds ticked by, and then she ran over to her friend.

“Hey! Hey, Ket, you okay?” The Redguard pulled Ket’s shoulder over so that the woman was on her back, trying to check if she was still alive. A broad, sharp-toothed smile met the concerned expression on Kaminda’s dark face.

“YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THAT!!” Ket coughed, trying to regain the air that had been violently shoved out of her lungs on impact with the ground. “By Alkosh’s mane, that was amazing! Try it, try it!! Use your full shout!!”

Kaminda rolled her eyes and hauled her friend to her feet. “You dented my helmet.”

Ket grinned and tried to pull the thing off her head. “And I think it’s stuck, too.”

The Redguard lightly punched Ket in the arm, before hugging her. “I’m glad your okay, though. That must have been quite the flight.”

“We need to do that when we fight dragons next time.” Ket’s eyes lit up again with that crazy gleam that Kaminda was beginning to both dread and love. “Do you think that if I did it while the dragon was over us I could land on it’s back?”

Kaminda rubbed her temples. “Let’s just stick with the whirlwind shout and carriages for transportation, okay? I don’t like the smell of roasted cat.”
Here are two of my new characters!! Well, not exactly new, but remodeled. =)
I recently torrented Skyrim for my Mac, and I'm so excited about it. I'm pretty addicted, and i love Khajiit, so i found this mod for Dagi Rhat Kajiit and wanted to make a story about one- which lead to a revamped Ket and Kin: Skyrim Addition. Kin is Kaminda, a Redguard warrior who meets up with Ket, a rare Dagi-Rhat(human looking Khajiit with fur, claws, ears and tail but their faces and bodies look very human.) Khajiit who has a problem with impulsiveness and sticky fingers. The two end up traveling together as Ket shows Kaminda the ways of Skyrim.
Both are dragonborn, but Ket was kicked out after seeing something she shouldn't have at High Hrothgr, so Kaminda is the only officially recognized dragonborn.
Here, we see Ket having fun with her fus ro dah shout and acheving every Khajiit's dream: CLIFF RACER FLYIINN. FLLYYINN HIGHHH....
sorry oblivion reference. have fun and expect more!!
oh, and here's a picture of some dagi Raht Khajiit.
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Hahaha, thats great Kat!
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